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The Wildman Show DJ Service

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209 Hunt,
Clyde , TX 79510 UNITED STATES

About The Wildman Show DJ Service

Since 1997 I DJ Wildman have created the Wildman Show it has been one of the Best Entertainment Company's servicing Texas and all surrounding areas thanks to all of the fans, friends, & family who supports and backs the company. DJ. Recording Artist. Drummer. The list goes on.

Besides being pretty dope on the drums and fronting fans all over, receiving a college degree in business management, having played the drums since the 5th grade, participating in band and orchestra throughout middle and high school, working at Graham’s Entertainment Night Clubs and being a farther of three. Oh yeah! DJ Wildman is a pretty talented and versatile entertainer!

Born in Abilene, TX DJ Wildman has moved in a small town called Clyde,TX, lived on a farm and letting each experience add to my personal development. Taking my vocal abilities a bit more serious, I actively started pursuing singing and stared a band age 12 called “FREERIDE” in the fall of 95, playing all the hits from the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s music also dressing like the great artist and letting my life experiences influence my work.

Initially, I DJ Wildman traveled all over performing in fronting of millions with my band “FREERIDE” getting the well known name of “WILDMAN”. I then started to do some djing on the side little by little small parties, weddings, back in 1997 and started my own services with the company I created the Wildman Show DJ & Karaoke Service. Then started working at Grahams Entertainment Night Clubs under Shane Tatum and using the well known name that was created for me “WILDMAN”. After having left the company in the FALL of 2007, I really got into djing and performed with many artist from HIP HOP to Country.

As of today my company the Wildman Show DJ & Karaoke has grown and the Wildman Show is voted the peoples choice for entertainment rating 5 stars for performance, rates, customer service, and providing you with the TOP service for entertainment.

That’s it… For now. Contact my manager/booking agent Cece to check out to see where I will be performing or DJing in a city/town near you!


The Wildman Show DJ Service 325-455-4945
209 Hunt,
Clyde , TX 79510 UNITED STATES
The Wildman Show DJ Service

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The Wildman Show DJ Service

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