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Barb's Salvage

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2522 East Morgan Ave,
Milwaukee , WI 53207 UNITED STATES

About Barb's Salvage

Barb's Salvage is a general contractor company based out of Milwaukee, WI. Barb's Salvage is determined to helping you with all your general contractor needs. Our services include: junk removal service , demolition service , and landscaping service .

Our Services:
Minor Home Repair Service
Estate Cleaning Service
Trash Removal Service
Landscape Removal Service

Barb's Salvage is proud to be servicing its satisfied customers out of Milwaukee, WI for many years. Barb's Salvage pride ourselves in the experience, quality, and customer service we provide to meet consumer needs and expectations.
Our local services include: construction debris removal service , any and all cleaning services and move in and move out cleaning service

Local Services
Junk Removal Service Milwaukee, WI 53207
Demolition Service Milwaukee, WI 53207
Landscaping Service Milwaukee, WI 53207

Contact Us:
Service Areas: Milwaukee, WI 53207
Phone: 414-202-3894


Barb's Salvage 414-202-3894
2522 East Morgan Ave,
Milwaukee , WI 53207 UNITED STATES
Barb's Salvage

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Barb's Salvage
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Barb's Salvage

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