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41 Glen Road,
West Lebanon , NH 03784 UNITED STATES

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What can Pearce Jewelers do for you?

Appraisals - In 2009, Pearce Jewelers was designated a Certified Appraisal Laboratory by the Independent Jewelers Organization.

Jewelry Repair - We offer a complete jewelry repair service with all work done in-house by artisans proficient in all aspects of jewelry design, manufacture and repair using not only the latest technology and techniques but also old world craftsmanship and experience.
Pearce Jewelers is the place in West Lebanon for jewelry repair. Someone once said that their motto should be, “We can do the impossible but miracles may take a little more time.”

Custom Design - Throughout the past thirty plus years, the designers at Pierce Jewelry have developed an ever-changing and uniquely stylistic approach to their jewelry work. Come in and let us work with you to create the most beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that your friends have ever seen!

Engraving - From the inside of a wedding band to awards trophies and more, Pearce Jewelers offers machine engraving available in hundreds of different fonts. We can engrave images as well! The next time you need an item engraved, you can trust Pearce Jewelers to quickly and professionally handle your personalization needs.

Ear Piercing - Pearce Jewelers not only carries a large selection of fine earrings, but also has a great selection of starter earrings and can offer safe and professional ear piercing here in our studio. Trust our full-time professionals with years of experience for your piercing needs.

Welcome to where the Upper Valley gets engaged!


Pearce Jewelers 603-298-8833
41 Glen Road,
West Lebanon , NH 03784 UNITED STATES
Pearce Jewelers

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Pearce Jewelers

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