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Southern Medical Hearing Centers

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4190 Old Milton Pkwy, #2e
Alpharetta , GA 30005 UNITED STATES

About Southern Medical Hearing Centers

Our Best Price Guarantee means you get the right hearing aids at the best price anywhere. With eight hearing centers to serve you, we have the buying power to offer you the best price on a broad selection of the latest hearing aids from leading manufacturers.

Our skilled audiologists and hearing instrument specialists are highly trained and provide the best possible service. With us, comprehensive hearing evaluations are always free. We walk through your results so that you fully understand the degree of your hearing loss and the options for hearing treatment, and answer your questions plainly.

Next comes professional fitting. With a hearing aid style in mind, we take castings of your ear canals using medical-grade silicone, which are then used to size the left and right hearing aid earpieces to your exact measurements. Exact fit means all-day comfort.

We then program your digital hearing aids. Usually we start at around 70% of your prescribed levels, giving your brain time to adjust to the new sounds it is recognizing. Over a few weeks, we can increase the programming to full levels.


Southern Medical Hearing Centers 770-766-8723
4190 Old Milton Pkwy, #2e
Alpharetta , GA 30005 UNITED STATES
Southern Medical Hearing Centers

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Southern Medical Hearing Centers
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Southern Medical Hearing Centers

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