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843 Worcester St, Unit H,
Natick , MA 01760 UNITED STATES

About Natick Coder School

TheCoderSchool is an after school program designed to teach kids to code in a collaborative and immersive way, in our dedicated facility.

What is theCoderSchool? We are an after-school drop-off program for kids learning to code. There's after-school kung fu. There's after-school music lessons. Sports, art, tutoring, Chinese, you name it, it's out there. But after school coding for kids? We're the first of hopefully many. The future will be ever more dependent on technology so let's get our young generation ready. Learn to Code, Change the World.

Hit our webpage and get on our mailing list so we can keep you in the loop on our year round programs and camps!



Natick Coder School 508-545-0943
843 Worcester St, Unit H,
Natick , MA 01760 UNITED STATES
Natick Coder School

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Natick Coder School
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Natick Coder School

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