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Endorphin - Eastbridge

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10155 E 29th Drive, Ste 130,
Denver , CO 80238 UNITED STATES

About Endorphin - Eastbridge

Who we are:

Endorphin is a community. As a community, we believe that mind body activity is the best drug for combating a large list of lifestyle challenges and medical conditions like obesity, stress and depression.

Why are we different:

Endorphin offers the largest diversity of instructor-led group fitness and yoga classes in Denver. From gentle and restorative yoga to the most challenging indoor cycling and high intensity functional training classes in the country. We have something for everyone, at any level of fitness.

We believe everyone needs to be part of a community that supports, encourages and inspires a healthy lifestyle. Through a diverse offering of yoga, challenging workouts, and optimal nutrition consultation, we are giving you all the tools, resources and guidance needed to improve your health and well-being.

How we plan to continually deliver to you :

Endorphin will:

• Continue to seek out the best instructors to motivate and inspire you every day. You show up; we will take care of the rest.
• Continue to add more diversity and class options to the schedule. Let us know what you’re seeking and we will deliver.
• Continue to offer a sense of community that is supportive of the most trained athlete and the person looking to make the first step in adjusting to a more active lifestyle; we are all on the same team. Endorphin is more than just a gym – it’s a one stop shop.
• We are for everyone. No matter what your financial situation, we will make it work for you.
Together we actively commit to improving our own lives and the lives of our Endo community one step at a time.

Chris Lindley Owner/Instructor/Student


Endorphin - Eastbridge 303-993-4041
10155 E 29th Drive, Ste 130,
Denver , CO 80238 UNITED STATES
Endorphin - Eastbridge

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Endorphin - Eastbridge

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