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JB Associate Masonry

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6721 E 123rd Terrace,
Grand View , MO 64030 UNITED STATES

About JB Associate Masonry

JB. Associate Masonry has over 20 years experience. No project is too big or too small. We have been involved in projects from custom homes to commercial businesses. We have worked with some of the top builders in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Specializing in new and remodel construction in both commercial and residential properties. We also provide services in repairing all types of masonry work.

Our Product & Services:
Masonry Contractor
Masonry Services
Residential Masonry Services
Grading & Foundation Repairs
JB. Masonry, Inc. provides professional design, installation, and repair of all phases of concrete construction, concrete foundation, masonry, retaining wall, stone veneer, paving stone, paver patio, paver walkway and patio services. We help reverse the effects of time, nature, chemical damage, and design flaws through knowledgeable and appropriate techniques. We look forward to working with you soon. Thank you

Local Services Provided:
Residential Masonry Services
Commercial Masonry Services
Fire Place Replacement
Contact Us:
Service Areas: Grand View, MO
Phone: 816-226-8020
Yahoo: https://goo.gl/W55v2P


JB Associate Masonry 816-226-8020
6721 E 123rd Terrace,
Grand View , MO 64030 UNITED STATES
JB Associate Masonry

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JB Associate Masonry
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JB Associate Masonry

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