Sylvan Learning Center - Hiram

Sylvan Learning Center - Hiram

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76 Highland Pavilion Ct, 109
Hiram , GA 30141 UNITED STATES

About Sylvan Learning Center - Hiram

We believe education is everything for your child. Our process helps inspire students to want to learn by positioning learning in a positive light and showing students that they can learn and achieve their goals. Our tutoring model does more than just fill a gap in your child's education, it teaches them to be a lifetime learner by teaching them valuable skills, habits and attitudes for the future.

We know that learning is personal and no two students are exactly alike. Whether your child is behind, not performing at their best, needs an extra push in the right direction, our tutors are here to help at the elementary, middle school and high school level, as well as ACT, SAT and college prep courses. Our learning center instructors will perform an assessment of your child that identify all problem areas and learning difficulties. These assessments and subsequent lessons are adaptive for each child and help us understand your child's strengths and weaknesses, as well as teaching you how you can help your child learn more at home.

Our teachers inspire your child to learn in math, reading, writing and related fields with a 3:1 maximum students per instructor ratio that allows your student to learn through instruction as well as on their owning, helping build confidence in your child's abilities.

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Sylvan Learning Center - Hiram 770-222-7474
76 Highland Pavilion Ct, 109
Hiram , GA 30141 UNITED STATES
Sylvan Learning Center - Hiram

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Sylvan Learning Center - Hiram
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Sylvan Learning Center - Hiram

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