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18818 68TH AVE NE, STE I-308
Kenmore , WA 98028 UNITED STATES

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You were smart. Instead of buying a home that you did not care about for a ton of money, you decided to buy an empty plot of land for a much cheaper price. No, you can build whatever you want and you can make it into the home of your dreams. The only downside, in this case, is that you have no knowledge of construction whatsoever Nope, this is definitely not going to be a project that you can complete on your own. You will need to find a new home construction service to help you throughout the duration of this project!

Maybe you already have a house. However, it seems to be falling apart around you. You need to update some of the rooms so that you can really enjoy living in your current home once again.Well, that's definitely something that L 7 Homes LLC can help you with! Come to us at L 7 Homes LLC with your list of needs for your remodeling project, and we will be sure to figure out exactly how we can accommodate them! You will be happy with the outcome that L 7 Homes LLC can offer you!

Do you want to hire the services of a general contractor? You want to fix a few random things around the house. Well, with the amazing services of the amazing team here at L 7 Homes LLC we can assure you that you will be totally pleased with the outcome of our work! You will not have to settle for anything less than the very best, most outstanding term of contractors in the industry today! With some amazing teamwork from L 7 Homes LLC, you will never have to worry about poor quality craftsmanship ever again!

Does your Kenmore area home need a little bit of upgrading? Well, that is not a problem for the amazing team here at L 7 Homes LLC! We can always provide you with the exact things that you need. Our contractors are prepared to provide you with exactly what you need. When you want to get some construction done on your home, whether the job is large or small, L 7 Homes LLC can definitely offer you the winning combination of speed and service. You will most definitely not be let down by the final product!


L 7 Homes LLC 206-265-0175
18818 68TH AVE NE, STE I-308
Kenmore , WA 98028 UNITED STATES
L 7 Homes LLC

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L 7 Homes LLC

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