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1004 Cortelyou Rd,
Brooklyn , NY 11218 UNITED STATES

About M&D Locks and Keys

We have mobile locksmith technicians throughout New York's 5 boroughs so we can get to you within minutes of your call. Each unit is equipped with sophisticated lockout equipment so we can make you a new key right on the spot. Keyless entry, FOB keys, remote access, panic buttons and automotive key replacement; all can be completed for you from our van.

Most locksmiths do not support this level of service so many of them refer their customers to us. Go directly to the source and call M&D Locks and Keys whenever you need fast, reliable and efficient service.

Our specialties are car key replacement, automotive emergency lockout, key FOB replacement - anytime you locked keys in your car, home or office and need help fast, we're the ones to call. If you have a keyless entry or remote access unit for your car and lost it, need a replacement or key duplication, call M&D Locks and Keys whether you're in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or the Bronx. We also do security doors, gates, windows as well as home security camera installation. We'll even get that rusted safe open for you.

Finally, many locksmith services you see online are not really from New York City. They're call centers that collect your data and send your request to the highest bidder. Many are not even licensed locksmiths.

When you call M&D locks and Keys, you get REAL New York lock and key professionals. We're fully licensed, certified, insured and members of ALOA, the Associated Locksmiths of America.


Established in 2010.

M&D Locks and Keys is established and dedicated to provide quality services for residential and commercial security. Our family came to the New York in pursuit of the American dream - to build a business where we can contribute to our community and help others in their time of need. When you are locked out of your car or home, it is one of the most vulnerable and helpless feelings imaginable. We understand this and do everything in our power to insure you are safe and protected.

We decided a long time ago that we wanted to become contributing members of our community, not only in Brooklyn, but in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx as well. We are proud New Yorkers helping New Yorkers.

We have recently expanded our business to two locations and now include a lot more than emergency lockout services. We offer home security and business and commercial security and surveillance as well. If you need a security camera installed or serviced, we are the ones to call.

Meet the Business Owner

J B.
J B.
Business Owner
JB's family came to this country many years ago searching for the American dream. They were able to make that dream possible by providing locksmith services to NYC. When JB took over the business, his reputation for honesty and integrity was apparent within the Brooklyn community, expanding to the other boroughs of New York City. Now with their second location, M&D can service more New Yorkers, getting to them quicker than any other locksmith.

"But getting to customers quickly isn't good enough," says JB. "We get to them fast, but we get them on their way fast, too." For M&D Locks and Keys, that means having the most advanced emergency lockout equipment right within their vehicles. "This way, there is no need to return back to the shop to duplicate a key, repair a broken lock or ignition. We can do it all right from our vans," says JB. "No other locksmith in the area has this kind of capability." Maybe that's why so many other locksmiths refer work to M&D Locks and Keys.


M&D Locks and Keys 347-269-4018
1004 Cortelyou Rd,
Brooklyn , NY 11218 UNITED STATES
M&D Locks and Keys

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