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Learning tree academy

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150 Park Place East,
Wood-Ridge , NJ 07075 UNITED STATES

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Preschool classes and summer programs for children from infants up to 6 years old from Learning Tree Academy in Wood Ridge, New Jersey. Our daycare center is focused on early learning and childhood development. We want to be the safe fun place your children will love to go.

A good daycare and nursery school should provide a lot more than just a baby sitting service. We believe that the process of learning and acquiring knowledge begins soon after birth and continues through life. No child is too young for learning. At Learning Tree Academy, we have designed age-appropriate curricula to stimulate each child's cognitive, motor, social and communicative development. A specially designed progress report tracks such development and sets goals for the staff and the students. The parents receive these progress reports twice a year, the the end of each semester, to keep them abreast of their child's achievements. A daily report, "What I Did Today", is provided to inform the parents about their child's daily activities.


Learning tree academy 201-460-7070
150 Park Place East,
Wood-Ridge , NJ 07075 UNITED STATES
Learning tree academy

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Learning tree academy

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