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Weight Loss & Control Programs in El Monte, CA

Weight Loss & Control Programs

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11678 Ramona Blvd.,
El Monte , CA 91732 UNITED STATES

About Alda Medical Group

Established in 1997 Alda Medical started in 1997 with one Simple Mission.

Our Mission is to help you lose weight and then help you keep it off. If you have been on other diet programs before, you know that once you go off the program you regain the lost weight, and, in some cases, even gain additional pounds. Here at Alda Medical the doctor that you see will tell you what your ideal weight is and how many pounds you need to lose to reach that goal and how to keep the weight off!
There are many factors that contribute to weight problems.

Some causes of obesity are:
* Problems running in your family
* Eating when lonely, sad or stressed
* Being pressured to eat by friends or family
* Using food for recreation
* Taking medicine that makes you feel hungry
* A low metabolism
* Problems with hormone levels
Here at Alda Medical we will address every one of those causes and help you understand them too.


Alda Medical Group 626-443-8895
11678 Ramona Blvd.,
El Monte , CA 91732 UNITED STATES
Alda Medical Group

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Alda Medical Group
Weight Loss & Control Programs
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Alda Medical Group

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