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Samurai Japanese Steak House
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7155 N Aurora Rd., Aurora, OH 44202, United States
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Samurai Japanese Steak House Aurora
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Samurai Japanese Steak House

Do not eat there!

I used to go there every Sunday for lunch not to mention me and my friend used to bring all of our friends there. One day I was there on a date and they told me and my date that we would have 15% off. We asked another girl and she said...
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Samurai Japanese Steak House

OK....Yeah just OK....

Samurai offers your typical Sushi/Hibachi experience you would find within the Northeast Ohio area. It happens to be the closest Japanese restaurant near me so I go there for a sushi "fix", when I get the cravings. The sushi prepared is average. The flavor is there, the presentation is what it should look like, but it lacks the "WOW" factor for someone to be impressed.

The decor is as it should be clean and simple. The staff, for the most part, gives good service. At times it is difficult to communicate an order. I've had multiple occasions where an item was brought out to me that was completely different than what I ordered. Additionally, there is one female individual there that seems to be the manager that is only good for a mean scowl and unfriendly attitude.

Compared to the sushi I've had outside of the states, this place is close to the bottom of the list. As far as in the local area I'd recommend Sushi Rock. Although it tends to be busy and pricier than Samurai the sushi and overall experience is so much better. Another location I'd like to recommend is Mr. Teriyaki in Bainbridge. It?s sushi takeout style. The selection is nice and the prices are unbeatable. The quality of sushi may not be the greatest, but this place is the ULTIMATE DEAL. For prices of a few dishes at Samurai or even Sushi Rock, you'd have a feast here.

Ultimately if you live near by Samurai then by all means go. If it?s your first time to a Japanese Restaurant then go. All others.... you'd be better off looking for a better dining experience.

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Samurai Japanese Steak House

great hibachi, great chefs!

the hibachi there is amazing! it's probably one of the better hibachi restaurants in Ohio, my family and I have been there quite few times and they have never disappointment us. My kids love the chefs, even though I have a hard time making out what they're saying but they never fail to humor us. The food is amazing, very well cooked and it is performed right in front of us so it's always to our accommodations since my husband has mushroom allergies. oh, and their shrimp sauce is to die for! I highly recommend this place, it is a great family restaurant!

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Samurai Japanese Steak House

Doesn't Compare


Ok, here's the problem with Samurai's sushi (and for many other restaurants of similar quality)....once you've had excellent local sushi for similar prices, how can you justify what these restaurants serve?

- Over salted Miso Soup.

- 19.95 for "sashimi deluxe" plate - 12 pieces of very small very average sushi (ok maguro, terrible mackeral, ok Salmon, tough escolar tuna) and THEN when you ask for sushi rice instead of white rice, it's $3.00 extra!?

- The worst part: the seaweed was not fresh and is was chewy - this should be illegal in a sushi restaurant!

Compare this to the EXCELLENT quality of a restaurant like Pacific East with great sized cuts of fish for the same price, or the EXCELLENT rolls at Sushi Rock and why would anyone ever go to these places? Drive the 10 miles to Pacific East!

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Samurai Japanese Steak House

AWFUL....Don't GO There!!!!!

I like to eat at Hibachi...places...Not for the "cheesy" show but because it's a healthier way to eat.

I went in for Lunch...the lunch is $16.95 which is really pricey! Most other places have reasonable lunch prices.

When I saw they were open for lunch (it was 2:00 in the afternoon) I walked inside and asked "what are your hours for lunch" the girl at the front told me 3:00.

I wanted to do an errand in the strip mall there so I could bring any extra food home after I had my sit down lunch.

We I came back at 2:30 the girl upfront told me that I must take my food "CARRY OUT ONLY". I said "what your open until 3:00. (there were no other people eating 30 minutes before 3:00)

She just gave me a BLANK STARE! (their culture...hey there are in our country)

There were no other diners. I wanted to treat myself to a nice lunch....(not a drive thru)

When I told the girl that if the sign say 3:00 they should serve you till 3:00 once again ...No Expression! Their culture???

I went to my car called the manager and I quote he says..."My chef takes his break from 3:00 to 4:30 and that it's only carry out....from 2:300 till 3:00"

I said...I have Never heard of going into any resturaunt and 30 minutes before close they insist I have carry out!!!

He like the girl just did not care...said I did Not need to eat there! This is March 02, 2009...people are not even eating out ...with this economy...I am to pay 17.00 for lunch??? HELLO....NO OTHER place would treat a customer this way!!!!

We have eaten there to other times in the evening....And they are nothing special....And it's pretty pricey...I EXPECT them to go out of business SOON!

There are 5 other places to eat right there...How can these people come here and treat us this way! culture or not RUDE is RUDE! Don't Go THERE!
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Picky Diner
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Samurai Japanese Steak House

Great place for Hibachi

My fiancee' and myself stopped in for lunch and we thoroughly enjoyed the food and the experience. The waitress and the cook were both very attentive and friendly.

While it is true that the food is a bit pricey, we walked out of there with full bellies and a total bill of less than $26.00 including the tip.

We definately plan on going back!!! I will say that I enjoy Hibachi of Japan in Cuyahoga Falls on the River Front more.
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Samurai Japanese Steak House

Family friendly environment

I brought my kids there for my son's birthday and the waitresses there were extremely friendly and patient with my son and his friends.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the cooking show that they put on. Although we couldnt understand everything the chef said they definitely made us laugh

The was food was a bit pricey but it was worth every penny with the service and food we got.

The only downside was it was a bit stuffy while everything was cooking but aside from that i would come back again
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