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Puppy Petite
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8002 17th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11214, United States
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Puppy Petite Brooklyn
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A great watch dog

I purchased my Maltese baby from Puppy Petite in brooklyn in January. Easy to find the right puppy here because of the big selection of teacups. My Maltese happens to be a great watch dog - she barks at anything unusual, which is good for...
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High energy puppies - clean place

puppy petite was spotless, the dogs were kept very neat and clean, and the place smelled good. I got help right away when I walked in, they showed me lots of 8 and 9 week old yorkies for sale. Prices were good as compared to the others I...
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Lexy Girl from Puppy petite The greatest pup I ever

Lexy came from Puppy Petite In Brooklyn, She is The sweetest little baby puppy and i love her very much,. I am planning on getting another puppy from them this fall. They have a nice selection and great ...
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Great Place for Small Yorkies

Love My baby Girl maxine, From PuppyPetite In Brooklyn. She was a Christmas Present from My Husband. We even went back and Got a poodle last week from Them also. I want one More but My hubby wont Let ...
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My baby Yorkie from puppy petite

I was There back in 2010 And came home with the cutest Little Yorkie puppy from them. She went to the vet the next day, got a clean Bill of health and the rest is history. My roomate also went and ...
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Robin a to z.

Nice maltese Puppies

Bought my teacup Size Maltese Puppy a few Months back and he has been Such a little sweetheart. He loves to cuddle and play with my daughter. We couldnt be happier.
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Brooklyn Fraud.


I am so horrified reading all these reviews. We were going to go in there this week to buy a yorkie for my daughter and glad I've done my research before I made a fatal mistake. I also called the better business bureau and they told me...
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Shih-tzu Puppy From puppy petite

I have a imperial shih tzu Puppy that i bought at puppy petite last month. he came home already paper trained and most of his shots done. He is very small and intelligent , We cant wait to go back for a...
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Chihuahua Is The King of This Castle

It's funny how our Chihuahua runs the house. He was the smallest Chi puppy at Puppy Petite a year ago, and now he has the confidence of a dog 5 times the size. It keeps us laughing all day. A+ grade to Puppy Petite for a puppy full of...
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My Chi is Tip Tops!

Even though my Chihuahua will pick on dogs three times her size, I'm having a ton of fun dressing her up and taking her around town. As the weather gets warmer, I'm sure we'll do more of that, over the winter I had her bundled up in...
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My Yorkie, the Genius

We took the time to train our yorkshire terrier from Puppy Petite, and boy was it worth it! His problem solving ability is through the roof, and he's the best trained dog on the block. Perfectly happy, healthy puppies that are well...
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Tiny Yorkie puppies, super!

After looking all over New York City for really small Yorkies (between 3 - 4 lbs fully grown), we finally found what we were looking for here. A clean store, friendly employees, and healthy puppies. Our puppy also gets along great with...
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Got to play with 10 Shihtzu puppies!

I know I'm really picky, but hey, this is a lifelong family member! I wasn't sure which one would be best for my family, because I wanted one that would be energetic, playful, and affectionate. We found the right one, with gray and white...
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Brooklyn's Top Puppy Spot (and anywhere in NYC)

My Chihuahua puppy is from Puppy Petite, and I am very happy with the purchase. A good price, and a tiny puppy (only 2 pounds fully grown). We have a new family member, and I am thankful that we stopped in to Puppy Petite. If you are...
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Clean store, good experience

I looked for Shih Tzu puppies in NJ, PA, and NY. Puppy Petite was the only one that had all colors and healthy looking puppies. My new puppy gets along great with my other pets, and that was a big deal for me. Grooming for Shih Tzu's is a...
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Gorgeous Yorkies for sale

Beautiful, tiny, clean, and helpful. The dogs are beautiful, they are the tiny teacups I was looking for, the store is clean, and the staff was very helpful in teaching me everything I needed to know about Yorkies before I purchased one....
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Puppy Petite in Brooklyn, NY

I was at Puppy Petite yesterday. I contacted the owner James Bower by phone and via email and he informed me that he had a litter of Maltese puppies at a price ranging from $575- $700. He knew I was coming from Westchester County and...
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Puppy Petite

i would highly recommend getting a puppy here. there prices are not bad considering they are pure breeds and everyone is very nice and helpful. i got my Maltese (Sophie) there almost 2 years ago and she is happy and healthy to this day...
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Shih Tzu for my only child a success

We have 1 daughter (an only child), and she really wanted a puppy companion. I have to say, Puppy Petite was really good about matching her up with a dog that would play endlessly with her, which is exactly what she wanted. Our Shih Tzu...
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I was the hero!

My girlfriend has been begging me for a Yorkie for at least 2 years. I went to Puppy Petite in Brooklyn 2 weeks ago looking for a tiny Yorkie puppy. They showed me 6 puppies, and I wanted to take all of them. This time, I purchased 1 for...
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The best Maltese

I like my Maltese cute, tiny, and really fluffy! I wasted lots of time looking at other places, but Puppy Petite has everything I wanted, I should have come here first. Reasonably priced, quality puppies. They were all very playful and...
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I got my Chihuahua here!

MY Chihuahua "Tex" came from Puppy Petite in Brooklyn. I was recommended by a friend, and boy were they right! This place is great. I had a big selection of Chihuahuas for sale, all colors were available. One was cuter than the next!...
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White Bliss

I love Maltese puppies, and I have ever since I was 5 years old. I never could get one for the longest time, but now that I'm all moved out on my own, the timing was right, and Puppy Petite came through with a lively, entertaining, and...
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Bought My Little Baby Maltese at Puppy Petite

I had went over the summer and Bought My Tiny Little maltese from Puppy Petite , She came home paper trained and Now My Mom wants to go get a yorkie for me This Christmas, I hope she does, Miko needs ...
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Please Dont

I purchsed my yorkie from here. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with liver disease at 5 months. This is a disease that any reputable breeder would test for. Through liver supprt websites, I have met 3 other yorkies purchased from here with...
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