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Krups Kitchen & Bath
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11 W 18th St., New York, NY 10011, United States
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Krups Kitchen & Bath New York
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extremely disapponted

for the same price in appliances, you can go to PC Richards for better customer service. Seems the staff there care more about the food they consume, rather than serving their customers. The people they use to deliver the products don't care about your property and have no clue as to how to remove refrigerator or stove doors. Following up with them is a nightmare and you get the run around. My other appliances were ordered with PC Richards and had a great experience - from the sales person and the crew that delivered and did the installation. Krups should be ashamed. . . . .
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We've just remodeled our fourth kitchen and used Krups for the second time. Wayne has been just great spending time with us, brainstorming all our options etc. Our new Capital range had an issue and he immediately hooked us up with service. Our new hood was damanged in shipment and he got us a replacement immediately and had the delivery people take the damaged one back. I can't recommend them enough.
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amazing they have been in business this long

LOUSY customer service, they keep giving conflicting information, Wayne is completely useless and misinformed on every issue we had. It's like pulling teeth from them when you get to speak with someone. On hold for 20 minutes only to be thrown in voice mail with no call backs. Prices are average, and staff are well below average.
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I just finished a purchase with Krup's and the whole experience was just a pleasure. I came in looking to replace my stove, they were very helpful in helping me make a decision. They took me thru the choices, and were very patient without pressure to buy.
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Completely Satisfied with Krups

I renovated a multifamily home with 2 complete kitchens and about $12,000 worth of appliances I got from Krups. Wayne was extraordinarily knowledgeable and helped select the best appliances for each unit (one unit was low end, the other high end). For example, he knew that an Elkay sink which the manufacturer itself claimed wouldn't fit in a 24 cabinet, would indeed fit, and knew that a KitchenAid fridge, which the manufacturer listed as being 28 deep, was in fact 30 deep. He was even able to troubleshoot a washing machine install just by hearing the problem over the phone.

All appliances were extremely well priced (less than Lowes, Home Depot, or PC Richard), and delivered promptly. The only problem was that one of the fridges they delivered had the handle on the wrong side, and they rectified the situation within 2 days.

Going forward, I intend to use Krups for all my appliance needs, and wholeheartedly recommend them!
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Just did a kitchen renovation, Which is not easy. Krup's was great. There knowledge and prices could not be beat. It was truly one stop shopping, Appliances, plumbing fixtures, And to my surprise they got me a Samsung tv at a price lower then Best buy.
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Nobody home

These people can't even be bothered to pick up the phone during regular business hours! Instead of finding out whether they carried what I was looking for, I ended up in a series of dead-end voicemails time and again despite multiple calls. Took my business elsewhere...
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Everything you need, plus good prices

This tiny Chelsea showroom has everything you could possibly need for kitchen and bath at prices well below retail from appliances to fixtures and faucets to cabinets. And they have designers who will do layout for your new space. The atmosphere is crowded but kind of campy and fun at the same time. Worth checking out.
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A Disaster Waiting To Happen

I'm sorry I ignored the negative review. I decided to plunk down $2,500 plus for kitchen and bath appliances and ended up in voice mail hell. I brought the manager my measurements When a sink didn't fit, I got a $250 "restocking" charge, even though we relied on his expertise to choose appropriately. Talk about chutzpah! We also waited two months for a shipment they couldn't seem to ever remember, and a totally unannounced delivery of the "restocked" items. Shop at your peril, all ye who enter there!
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new kitchen pro

Having closed on my apartment, I went to a few retail stores in the city to remodel my kitchen. Most of them were rude and uneducated in the merchandise. I found the employees at Krup's to be extremely knowledgable and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family. They did everthing from designing my kitchen to walking the appliances up 3 floors for delivery. Very pleasant and great prices.
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wide selection, can't get the job done

This place has everything, but crowded conditions and overwhelmed staff make it impossible to navigate.
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Worst customer service in the industry!!!!

DO NOT SHOP HERE!!! They have the worst customer service of any store I have ever dealt with. They are completely disorganized, everytime you call you sit on hold for 15 minutes and then they tell you someone has to call you back - but they never do and you have to keep calling them back and sitting on hold... I have no idea how this company manages to stay in business.
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Avoid at any cost!

I have use them over years since 1990. I had not made a major purchase until two years ago. Last year I needed a heavy duty AC and it turned into a nightmare! The salesman was uncooperative and uncommunicative. I could not get a return phone call. I had to make several trips back to the store from my Washtington Heights apartment. When the wrong AC arrived because they didn't ask me about 30amp vs 20amp service load, they took it back but I waited two months before getting the replacement. The installers were OK but what a mess they made on the newly painte walls. (Do these guys ever wash their hands?!) In all i spent four months trying to get the unit and by then the season was over, and the summer of 2006 was hot!
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So So

Just an average kind of place and likely overpriced for what you get.

If you are ever involved with a company called Shoreline whose proprietor

is Anthony Chuilli - absolutely NEVER get involved or use this guy. This

character is utterly unprofessional, unreliable and tantamount to a con artist. He also

has numerous liens and suites against him, apparently for bad workmanship

and breach on contract. Stay away!
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Lousy customer service, same prices as PC Richards. Staff couldn't care less about its customers, more concerned with shoving platters of food down their throats. Nasty attitudes, they keep you on hold for 15 minutes then throw you into voice-mail.

While requesting a stand alone stove, they showed me slide-ins and when I mentioned the microwave needed to be recirculating, they were going to order an outside venting one. Good thing I checked the model number. Unprofessional, unknowledgeable on basic issues, lousy customer service and delivery crew that doesn't care about your property or know how to remove refrigerator or stove doors. Friends that went through PC Richards had no issues for the same price.
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Not recommended

Average prices, lousy customer service - will never go back. I had never seen such a bunch of lazy employees that couldn't care less about your valid issues. Shame - and in this economy, you'd think the owners would want employees that make them look good or have happy customers to come back or even spread a good word. No excuse for rude, obnoxious behavior, phone calls never returned, or put on hold for 15 minutes before being thrown in voicemail, only to have your calls ignored. Noone there does their job so don't expect them to go an extra step for you.
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We got a high end stove - over $2000, it arrived broken, they gave us the runaround for weeks.

Also, the salesperson neglected to explain key features, such as a loud fan that automatically goes on when the oven is on - and cannot be turned off, and he made errors about other features.

When it was delivered, it was sent with only one guy (!), who could not lift it, so we had to wait an hour while he tried to find a linebacker on the sidewalk to help him for a few bucks. Not kidding.

When we realized it was broken, instead of simply replacing it, Krups gave us the runaround for SIX weeks, lots of lip service about waiting on parts, until we were pushed to our absolute limit with wacky service people coming over and attempting to disassemble the entire thing in our small kitchen, after being 4 hours late and not showing up, after we took off from work... 3 times.

We demanded a replacement and got one, but it does not make up for the insanity we went through.

There are a dozen other places to buy expensive appliances in NYC. Do NOT shop here!
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Ya Just gotta go to Krups

I admit the first time you deal with these characters they can be confusing, but once you get into their swing and style, you fall in love with the gang. No one beats their prices. They always come thru on customer service. YES they are hard to reach on the phone, you need to go there and spend face time with them. Plan on making this an event and bring coffee or something with you and have fun, as they will find you the lowest prices. You need to have faith in them, that they will come thru, they have not ever let me down..

I have bought so much there and not everything came in right but they always fixed it and got a new one or a substitute that was even better. I have shopped in all kinds of places and no one gives a more personal touch than this group. Mitch is great, he keeps hunting until he finds the exact thing you want at the best price... ever. People from all over shop here....
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