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Going Green Pets & Supplies
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413 62nd Ave N., St. Petersburg, FL 33702, United States
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Going Green Pets & Supplies St. Petersburg
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Going Green Pets & Supplies

Best Pet store in St. Pete

Animal house has lower prices than pet smart and they even have an incentive program where everytime you spend $200, you get a store credit for $10.00, you can't beat that. They carry pet supplies, and food for virutally any pet you can think of.
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Going Green Pets & Supplies

Very pleased

I recently had to buy a bird cage for my boss's bird, a huge macaw.

I went into the store, not knowing what I was getting into. I quickly saw the wide selection of things for all different animals, including the area I needed, the bird selection.

I found the prices reasonable and very economic, the items were high quality and that is something I enjoyed most!
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Going Green Pets & Supplies

They're more worried about sells then the animals

We recently bought an animal from this store and they completely misinformed us. I know they want to get their money but it ended up being at the expense of an poor animal. We trusted them thinking they should know what's best but turns out the info. they gave us and how they were handling the animal before hand is what caused its death a few days after we got it.
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Going Green Pets & Supplies

Reptiles in very poor condition!!!

I would NEVER buy a reptile from this store. After taking a look at the reptiles, we were quickly appalled by the sad state many of the reptiles were in. Their environmental conditions were unacceptable. Some reptiles have different needs, some are arboreal and need a place to climb. Their feet just aren't built to operate on a solid surface. When I informed the staff member in charge of this area, she seemed very offended and I kid you not rudely said...all they do is grab tree branches and leaves from OUTSIDE the store and put them in the cages...then change them out when the leaves die. We told her, they need a place to climb, something that will hold their weight, sturdier than a tiny thin tree branch with a few leaves and she simply repeated herself. Not to mention the pesticides that could be on the tree branches and leaves outside. Wow!!! Unbelievable!!! Two of the other cages also contained electric heat rocks, which anyone with even the slightest knowledge of reptiles will tell you is unhealthy and dangerous. Those things should be outlawed. So sad that these poor reptiles have to live like this, under the care of such idiots.
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Going Green Pets & Supplies

Animals in poor conditions

On my visit there were several veiled chameleons with no climbing branches, plastic heat rocks in some of the cages, and most reptiles were not being kept in proper substrates. Their fish weren't much better. There were two very large oscars in a very small tank. The filtration system was shared with the rest of the wall of tanks, so at least they had clean oxygenated water, but they barely had room to turn around in their tiny tank.

I also observed many fish in the same tank with other species they should not be paired with, and fear they may lose some stock from aggressive fish eating the passive ones. After this visit, I won't even buy crickets for my bearded dragon there any more. Terrible tragedy for their animals
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