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Captain D's - Serve Holdings Corporate Office
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6074 Apple Tree Dr., Memphis, TN 38115, United States
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Captain D's - Serve Holdings Corporate Office Memphis
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My aunt just returned from town, Gallipolis, OH. She stopped in Captain D's to eat. She was almost finished with her green beans when she bit down on something hard. She spit it out and it was a piece of glass. She took it to the counter and some girl yelled at someone in the back, he looked at it, said that is a piece of glass, ask her if she cut herself and offered her a piece of pie. She told him she did not want the pie, went back, threw her food that was left away and left. She never received an apology. They did not offer her money back or anything. She told them they better be more careful or they were going to kill someone. What if that would have been a child???? THIS IS REDICULOUS!!!!!

I will not be eating there again.
Jesse taylor
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Captain D's - Serve Holdings Corporate Office

Okay let me start with the point that I tried to call the local Jonesborough TN Captain D's and talked to a young man named Jonathon to let him know that my husband just came in and got a $35.81 order for us and our company, we also explained that we have a disabled child in the home right now so we weren't wanting to run back out because we had called in for pizza after there food was a flop. Before I could say anything else he said; Bring Ur food back so we can show our people what we did wrong. I said, Jonathon I have no problem doing that with my receipt tomorrow but once again not tonight. I understand their policy but my policy is disabled child and company in my home, pizza ordered after spending 35.on bad food doesn't equal running out to Captain D's for more food we don't need tonight. How about I'm very sorry for that and bring your receipt when you can and we would be glad to fix this issue. If he would of even said I understand I'm so sorry, I would of been happy and moved on but the fact that he made me feel like I was aggravating him with my phone call and didn't care about customer service just upset me to the point of writing this review. Most people today don't spend money as carefree as they use to, so when you do go out some where you would hope that a manager took customer service a bit more serious. Maybe Corp Office will do better, I will let you know..
Terry Gilreath
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Captain D's - Serve Holdings Corporate Office

My wife and I stopped a Captain D's Buford Ga.,last weekend, took our food to the dining room where 2 TV's were tuned to Fox News and were blasting. Contacted the Manager the next day to explain people do not want to be subjected to political commentary of any kind while eating food we purchased there. He said there is one channel piped in,Fox News, and he was told not to touch the TV and could do nothing about it. Political propaganda of any kind in this country is an outrage. Be prepared for it at Captain D's. We will never go back.
Perry Revell
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Captain D's - Serve Holdings Corporate Office

Tonight I was treated pretty disrespectful. I ordered. a catfish dinner.."That will be 8.16 ..I handed her a 10.00 bill and reach into my pocket and told her"I have .16.. She says"Too late I already rang it up." I told her "No it isn't to late, here is .16 cents. She cops a attitude like she hates to have correct change. I asked the staff cook, to make my order to go. I don't like it here. The girl runs over to her co-worker and starts whining that I made her open another drawer and give correct change back. I asked at that time for the store Number and the person who waited on me. Brandy, you need to be re-trained in customer service and courtesy. I used t obe a store manager and we would have been fired for that type of behavior! Shame on you Capt. D's Staff. She will never wait on me again.
Allan cole
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Captain D's - Serve Holdings Corporate Office

My wife and I have just returned from Capt.D's on second loop road in Florence, SC. The food was fine, however, we will not be going back for the simple reason that the hip hop type music being piped in is definitely NOT conducive to an eating establishment, it's more appropriate to a LOW CLASS dive. Service also is second class, we were completely ignored when we went in for several minutes while the cashier talked to another employee, after several minutes, and just before we were ready to leave, she said, "I'll be with you in a minute".
Amory Dooley
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Captain D's - Serve Holdings Corporate Office

I have been eating at captain D's at least once a week for over twenty years i spend an average of ten dollars per visit. (do the math) about two weeks ago i applied for a job at the store on national road in columbus Indiana i recived one interview and the manager completly wasted my time he was rude and did not seem interested in anything i had to say. I have called five times to check on the status of my application with no answer as to wherther i have the job or not. i am very well qualified i have over ten years of restaraunt experience, i have made it very clear that i am interested in working for this company i have been in the unit several times and have only noticed that there is only one male employee working there (aside from management) i feel that i have been discriminated against this company has lost me as a customer for life as well as the members of my immediate family. I also plan on contacting the better business bureau and telling them about my experience. Has the manager ever heard of equal opportunity employment? how did he get the position in the first place. I completly regret ever penny i ever spent at this company.
Cheryl Caldwell
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Captain D's - Serve Holdings Corporate Office

Visited the Captain D's on Crump in Memphis, just a few minutes ago. I got back to the office, and the meal was wrong! Ordered a 3 pc, with fries, slaw,and hushpuppies. (with a side of cracklins) DID NOT GET: the slaw, 1 pc of fish or cracklins. But I did pay over nine dollars.
Tried to call numbers on line for this store, NO ANSWER! Called 4 others and main office again NO ANSWER. I love your food but hate your service. The Captain D's in Southaven where I go to most, has great service and food. If people dont wont to work they should sit at home. There are enough people that would love to work and BE HAPPY doing it!!
Thanks for listening.
Thanks Cheryl
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