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Rooms To Go Outlet Furniture Store
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11540 E Highway 92, Seffner, FL 33584, United States
Rooms To Go Outlet Furniture Store Seffner
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Bill J
posted reviews about
Rooms To Go Outlet Furniture Store

The best service I have ever seen! Buying kitchen set, you get not just a neat, comfortable, perfectly fitting into the interior of the kitchen, but a lot of good impressions and good mood from communicating with wonderful people. I am grateful for the extreme professionalism and business approach with enthusiasm, which is noticeable from the first minutes of conversation. The manager seems to be technologist, designer and just a friendly and cheerful man in one person. Though fought with my wife a little, and offered to pull the lot, still did everything in mind and our will) My wife is now in ecstasy, want to cook quickly))) It is my opinion, too, will write. In general, all is perfect: the prices are the lowest, the quality is excellent, absolutely good work! all the best and I wish you every success, I shall always remember your words and all advice!
Mike J
posted reviews about
Rooms To Go Outlet Furniture Store

For those of you who is planning on buying furniture from Rooms to Go Warehouse I would like to give a bunch of tips for successful selection of upholstered furniture.

Currently, the market is the most widely represented different upholstered furniture: sofas, a roll-out sofas, modular sofas, armchairs, etc. Faced with such abundance, it is not easy make the right choice.

Furniture is an integral part of the apartment. Sofas, padded stools, chairs are upholstered furniture. By purchasing, special attention should be paid on the sofa. For it was on it, you'll spend most of their time watching TV, reading, and perhaps even sleep.
To date, the market sofas includes different variations of designs. In general, all models can be divided into two types: immutable (can not move apart, thereby to increase the area) and convertible sofas with removable side bolsters, cushions, which lengthens the seat. Now very popular sofa beds. They come in four types: roll-out, "Puma", "clamshell", "book".

Roll-out sofa unfolds as follows: to pull a special pen or a strap under the seat, and pull of the couch.
In the sofa-back of the book falls flat. Unfortunately, over time, in the middle of the sofa formed crater, but the benefits can consider a large box for storage of linen. This is very convenient in the case of a small area of the apartment. These sofas are the most comfortable and reliable.

Sofas, whose seat is lifted up along with an extra pillow, and then formed a flat surface, known as "Puma". They are equipped with additional metal frame, so their construction is more durable.

"Clamshells" call these sofas, sleeper who pushed forward to an ex as long as not factored in a flat surface. Depending on how the layout distinguish clamshell "French", "U.S.", "accordion", "dolphin".

Very common models are the corner sofas. The form of the sofa can be a figure, which is difficult to describe: the angle of the sides with different lengths, the letter P and so There are "left" and "right" design, so when choosing a sofa should definitely indicate to what angle you want to put it: in the left or right. These sofas can be transformed overnight into a huge bed, if equipped with a mechanism of transformation: "French clamshell", "dolphin" or roll-out.

It is correctly selected the sofa will make the interior of the apartment completeness, will add comfort and coziness.
James Iceman
posted reviews about
Rooms To Go Outlet Furniture Store

I had a fantastic experience with this company.

At first I read some reviews from other sites and after reading all of these, you would think that you would walk into the place, be mugged of your wallet and then left on the side of the building to die. I have to say, that is far from the case. Many of the complaints I have seen have more to do with customer error than company. It\'s not their fault your schedule is not flexible enough to deal with how they do business. They explained it all to me and I heard it explained to others.

Excluding random in store deals for display furniture, this store is not a walk in, buy furniture and take it with you kind of place. You buy the furniture, they put the order in with the warehouse, and then it is delivered and setup at your place of residence by a contracted outside company. Because of this... they cannot take furniture back at the store (no room for it) and the contracted delivery service cannot take back or replace your furniture that day. I was told all of this before purchasing... \"If you have a problem, please hold on to the furniture and we\'ll dispatch someone to review the situation.\"

The associate from Rooms to Go even warned me about some of the cheaper furniture there saying that they do not hold up as well as some of the other products.

As far as furniture buying goes, this place is great! Most furniture stores I have dealt with, I\'ve had problems and they did not care at all... then they\'ve gone out of business in a month or two... furniture is a hard business to deal with and they definitely figured out how to help the majority.

By the way, I purchased furniture from Rooms to Go for my entire house. This was done all at one time... living room, dining room and bedroom. I purchase good quality furniture, got a great price and fantastic service. They even called a few times to make sure... one after the delivery and another a few weeks after.

Rooms to Go is a great furniture store with a lot of choices and reasonable prices. Its a great place to start & maybe finish if you have more than one room to furnish. I had great service here & here is the best part, they can deliver your stuff two days later. Most things are in stock.

I just wanted to show everyone that there are very happy customers out there. For the most part when you are happy, you do not spend the time to write a review of your service.
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