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Erie County Farms
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2256 Broad St, Erie, PA 16503, United States
Seafood and Fish Wholesalers
Erie County Farms Erie
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Shirley dapper.

does any one know when the store is open 2012 .i love the store but is a zoo at times.
Kelley l.

When Is Erie County Farms Open In 2010!!!!!

Does any one know What weeks the meat market is closed? I know that is closed Monday and Sundays,Please email me if you do know when they are closed.Thanks !!
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Thomas w.

Missing Erie County Farms

we currently live in Florida, and do we miss Erie County Farms. We made a trip to Erie monthly and brought a couple of coolers and stocked up.We couldn't afford to shop locally, because there was only one grocery store.This store was a...
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Deb K.


I think Erie County Farms is amazing as far as the freshness and the prices are above amazing!!\r

As far as the person who said that they bought cheese or whatever that was way past date and molded beyond mold.. well no offence but,...
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Crissy o.

travel to get to erie county farms????

i can't believe someone would drive from cleveland just to go to erie county farms!!!!!! yikes, my daughter lives in cleveland, i go there just to shop at the west side market, trader joe's, whole foods, we have nothing here!!!!! and erie...
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Chris S.

Clearly the best grocery shopping in Erie

Erie County Farms is an Erie institution. I have been going there for roughly more than fifteen years and, to the person who mocks people who travel there, yes people do indeed travel distances to Erie County Farms. I have traveled well...
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Lorie s.

Just so you know

Erie county Farms is a store if you want to use the meat right away. Some of the food is out of date or will be soon. You can't use the meat if you put it in the frigerator for a day . They put big chunks of ice in the chicken and ground...
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Bryant l.

record straight

I worked at erie county in the meat dept. and want to say that they never put ice or water into there beef or chicken and its the freshest you could possibly get at lowest prices.Just want to set the record straight with lori...
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Geoff W.


Anybody that has a complaint about ECF is either a total idiot or has too much money and is used to being kowtowed to. My advice......Stay out. Go to Wegman's or Giant Eagle
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Francie N.

Calendar for 2011

It is great store, would anyone have the calendar for 2011 for Erie County Farms. I know they close on certain weekends during the month.
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Cassie S.

I love it

I've gone to Erie County Farms for years, and love it! You're right, it's not a big city, posh market. But if what you're looking for is saving money, it's the place to go. The quality of the food is good. The quality of the meat is the...
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Kelley l.

When Is Erie County Farms Open In 2010!!!!!

Does any one know What weeks the meat market is closed? I know that is closed Monday and Sundays,Please email me if you do know when they are closed.Thanks !!
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M i.

Check Expirations & Mold

Sorry, I would not shop at Erie County Farms. The ad even said the food is close to expiration. But today unfortunately i purchased something that was moldy well beyond expiration. It was a very bad experience just to get money back for...
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Phyllis B.

Saving what a Blessing

I moved to Erie area over 15 yrs. ago and was taken to Erie County Farms by my dear sister in law what a Blessing for a single mom with 2 teenagers back then and now I have 2 teenage boys I am raising and the place is still a blessing and...
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