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Bria Pilates & Wellness Studio
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101 Nickerson Street, Suite 110, Seattle, WA 98109, United States
Yoga & Pilates Classes
Bria Pilates & Wellness Studio Seattle
About Bria Pilates & Wellness Studio
We believe that skill in integrated movement is the path to whole body health and fitness. We believe each client is our first priority. Whether you want to cross-train for a sport, become pain-free, rejuvenate your body after having a baby, or simply look and feel your best, our mission is to provide you with both the place and the skills to reach your goals.
Each of our elite instructors is certified through STOTT or other internationally recognized institutions. Our highly trained instructors work with clients of all fitness levels, ranging from those new to exercise to leading athletes looking for new ways to cross-train for their sport. In addition, all of our instructors are skilled in rehabilitating clients recovering from injuries.
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Bria is the best!

i've tried many Pilates studios in Seattle, after having taken classes in NY for 15 years. Bria is far and away the best Pilat es studio that I've found in Seattle. Their instructors are higly trained and the most lucid in terms of...
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Darkluna L.

Bria is Awesome!

Bria has taught me to breathe more deeply into my core... And the breath work has helped me to activate muscles\r

that seem to have been sleeping. I feel so much stronger after have joined bria since May.
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Guest G..

Pilates plus!

Good: Bria is where I go when my body isn't working well. I tend to be somewhat inconsistent about exercise, and when I get stressed I really pay the price. But pilates has been such a wonderful heali...
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Great Classes and Private Instruction

After several private lessons and a couple of group classes, I have seen a measurable difference in my posture and core strength. It is amazing how quickly an hour can pass! Marisa and Nikki are both great instructors - if you are...
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I'm finally exercising!

Finally, time catches up and all the things we used to do are not enough....the old tricks to get rid of those extra pounds don't work anymore and a minimalist approach to movement and activity don't seem to matter at all!

I've never...
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Bria is the BEST!

Hi, I have muscular dystrophy and I've been going to bria since May of 2010.

Ever since I've started going to bria, my body just feels more alive... I've been experiencing more mobility in areas of my body that I haven't in the past been...
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Shouldn?t you make your workout work for you?

It makes intuitive sense; I was shocked when I reached this conclusion. I am one of those people who has a difficult time following directions while working out. You've probably seen me, or others like me. I'm the one who's usually...
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Highly recommend

I have a very physically demanding job, and I suffered a traumatic back injury whole at work. For more than a year and a half, I tried all the traditional approaches recommended by doctors. Nothing seemed to work, until I combined...
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Hip hip hooray Pilates!!!

Wow!!! Thank goodness, that my curiosity killed the cat :o) I had been yearning to get motivated and inspired to work out again and finding it super difficult... That is until I stopped in to see what Bria and Pilates was all about. Being...
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The BEST place to go where everyone knows your name!


From day one (even just being on the phone), everyone is so helpful and sweet. I had a bad car accident a year ago and Natalie has been an amazing teacher and supporter during my healing. I have been doing pilates for many...
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Wonderful Pilates Studio

After trying out several pilates studios around Seattle, I always come back to Bria to get the best teachers and classes in the city. Recently the studio has increased class times and availability of their teachers making a lot easier to...
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Bria is truly the best!

I am celebrating my one year Pilates anniversary and membership at Bria. I just can't get enough! Misty's staff has helped shaped my lifelong commitment to my body and fitness. I was able to 100% correct my scoliosis. Thanks again for a...
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Bria is amazing! My experience at Bria has been completely life changing for me. The staff is professional, helpful, and true experts in their field. The class sizes are small, which allows the instructors to give individual attention...
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