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Dr. Mitch Carpenter, DC, CCSP
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6837 Falls of Neuse Rd., #106, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States
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Dr. Mitch Carpenter, DC, CCSP Raleigh
About Dr. Mitch Carpenter, DC, CCSP
Dr. Mitch Carpenter is a chiropractic family physician and a leader in integrative natural medicine in his community. With over 120,000 patient encounters to date, Dr. Carpenter has been helping people achieve their health goals for the past 15 years.

He brings an integrated approach to his care with advanced clinical training in Whole Food Nutrition and Supplementation Therapy, Sports Medicine and Functional Exercise, Pregnancy and Pediatric care, as well as Posture Correction for improved nerve integrity and function.

Dr. Carpenter helps with the natural treatment of a myriad of health problems including difficult weight loss issues, blood sugar imbalances, hormonal and thyroid imbalances, childhood ear infections, and migraine headaches to name a few. His patients have consisted of everyone from newborns and children, pregnant moms, United States Congressmen, N.C.A.A., N.F.L., N.H.L. and Olympic athletes and coaches to the typical individual or family searching for a different approach to their health.

Dr. Carpenter is pioneering a new path in healthcare, one based on lifestyle modification, “real” food nutrition and optimal nerve system integrity. He has the unique expertise and experience to place him on the cutting edge of health going into the 21st century!
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Customer reviews (9)
MJ Newhart
posted reviews about
Dr. Mitch Carpenter, DC, CCSP

Thank you Doctor Dodd

Thank you , this last week i had experienced being dizzy for two days. So on my visit to the office i mentioned the dizziness and Doctor Dodd did an adjustment for it. By the time i left the office the dizziness was gone!!! and has not...
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Brittany Nichols Shook
posted reviews about
Dr. Mitch Carpenter, DC, CCSP

Read the fine print!

Warning! Read the fine print of anything you sign in their office! I signed up for a year-long care plan and paid $2,400 for it. 3 months into the care plan I was transferred to Texas and Team Chiropractic only refunded me $317. So, I...
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Danny Jacques
posted reviews about
Dr. Mitch Carpenter, DC, CCSP

Thank you Dr.s Dodd, Crilly, Mateus & Prinkey

Dr. Dodd and staff have been taking care of my back for approximately 15 years. Being the victim of being VERY SERIOUSLY rear-ended in my teens (and not seeking any treatment - thinking "everything's just fine) and then a couple more...
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posted reviews about
Dr. Mitch Carpenter, DC, CCSP

Thanks Dr. Dodd and Team Chiropractic

About 8 months ago, I was called in on a kitchen design project for Larry and his wife. We quickly became friends. On a jobsite visit, while standing in their kitchen, the talk came around to health and sickness. I told Larry about the...
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posted reviews about
Dr. Mitch Carpenter, DC, CCSP

Great Help with Back Pain & Health Problems

I have been a patient of the doctors of Team Chiropractic for two years. Before finding this office I suffered from intense debilitating back pain. My regular doctor said I should get more tests at Rex and go into physical therapy. The...
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posted reviews about
Dr. Mitch Carpenter, DC, CCSP

Very Please with the Team.....

I am celebrating going to Team Chiropractic for 9 months of treatment. I initially went in for a shoulder and back issue as a result of military accidents that I have been treated for over 10 years that have never been resolved except...
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posted reviews about
Dr. Mitch Carpenter, DC, CCSP

Team Chiropractic Rocks!

I initially went to Dr. Dodd as the result of a car accident. I was hit from behind and propelled into the car ahead of me. The sudden rear impact followed by a frontal impact, whipped my head forward and backwards. My car was totaled but...
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posted reviews about
Dr. Mitch Carpenter, DC, CCSP

Very Happy with the results

I started going to Team Chiro about a year ago for sever backache. We thought it might have to do with taking an epidural. I am very glad I did!. The pain has gone. My posture is a lot better. My before and after xrays show a big...
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posted reviews about
Dr. Mitch Carpenter, DC, CCSP

No Nonsense, Great Results

Team Chiro is very different. Their philosophy is few gimmicks (EMS, traction tables, ultrasound) to pamper you but focus only on what matters to be fit and healthy. Saves time and $ with top results to ditch the feel-good fluff that I've...
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